Cultivating the Divine Within

The word "entheogen" is derived from the Greek roots of en (within) theo (divine) and gen (creates). Entheogenic experience has been used by indigenous people for millennia for healing, knowledge, creativity, and spiritual connection using breath, meditation, chanting, and various plants, fungi, roots, and organic extracts. This facilitates a connection with the natural world that is ancient and universal. This term is in place of psychedelic used to shift how we understand these practices, plants, fungi, and compounds.

Information offered in these sessions do not in any way encourage of condone the use, purchase, sale or transfer of any illegal substances. Our goal is to support a harm reduction approach for the purpose of education and promotion of individual and public safety. If you are choosing to use entheogenic substances, please do so responsibly.


Not sure how to pursue an entheogenic experience? Looking for guidance on how to begin a therapeutic relationship with an entheogenic practice? Let's go over your history and discuss the best way for you to get started. Book a free 30 minute discovery call below.



Begin to prepare each layer of yourself for expanded states with deep introspection and guided self inquiry. Preparation sessions work within the Kosha systems found in yoga and we explore tools for addressing the food body, pranic (breath) body, mental body, astral body, and bliss body.



Each person's relationship with entheogenic experiences is as unique as the individuals themselves. My role is help you explore what this relationship looks like for you and guide you inward teaching various tools from my personal practice for reaching deeper levels of consciousness. Together we co-create the ideal setting for you to fulfill your goals.



Integrating connection to the Divinity into our day to day lives is how we create long lasting change. Through ongoing text support and video calls we expand self awareness and self understanding and learn to incorporate spiritual ritual and yogic arts into our daily practices. In these sessions we work with breath, movement, and medicine in a customized setting to meet your indiviual needs.

There's no better protocol than your own intuition

-Jean Lacy