Cultivating The Divine Within

Business Mentorship

As part of Jean's personal mission, she seeks to help expand the collective consciousness by bridging the gap between spirituality and healthcare using the power of community care and holistic self-healing to create a new paradigm in health and wellness. To further this mission she works side-by-side with healthcare and wellness practitioners to develop best practices and ethical protocols for the holistic integrative treatment of chronic conditions using conscious community and entheogenic experience.

Jean helps providers develop business strategies driven by values while prioritizing financial stability. She aids in branding and marketing tactics that are authentic to the practitioner and motivated by the best interest of the community served and compliance with state and federal regulations.


After a prolific decade in the cosmetology industry, Jean began her work with integrative healing practices in 2013 after a near death childbirth experience. The profound healing she found using nutrition, yoga, plants, fungi, and entheogenic experiences inspired her to find her purpose in teaching these practices to the collective. She became passionate about educating herself and began working in the medical cannabis space in 2015 educating other patients on how to incorporate this tool into their daily lives for the purposes of healing. Jean teamed up with a physician in the space to spend the next 5 years travelling across Illinois to help residents access safe and legal medical cannabis. Together they built a large private practice primary care clinic with a focus on medical cannabis as treatment growing the practice to serve more than 20,000 patients across the state of Illinois. As the Clinical Operations Director, she provided training and education for clinicians and medical professionals on best practices for recommending cannabis based products in compliance with strict state regulations. Her dedication to increasing accessibility of integrative treatments led her to design and help build one of the first infusion centers in Illinois administering ketamine for the treatment of chronic health conditions such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and chronic pain. From designing and building the brand and the physical location, to writing protocols, to training a full staff, Jean was able to successfully comply with strict state and federal regulations to promote and provide off-label services with a schedule III controlled substance.

Currently, Jean is working to support the practices of several clinicians, retreat leaders, and faith based organizations that use entheogenic compounds clinically, sacramentally, and in community. In an effort to bridge the gap between community based care and clinical medicine, she helps ensure these organizations understand best practices and ethical protocols for the integrative treatment of chronic suffering. Jean has a niche for helping each provider develop a thorough intake process in order to fully assess each client's individual needs with a multi-dimensional approach.