Creating The Divine Within


Jean Lacy is a drug policy advocate, yoga therapist, and business operations consultant from Illinois specializing in transcendent states of consciousness and entheogenic experience. With over 1000 hours of professional training at the intersection of healthcare and yogic arts, Jean’s passion is not only helping individuals who are working to overcome past traumas and conditioning using spiritual practice and conscious consumption of plant-based medicines but also helping healthcare providers and healing arts practitioners learn to serve the collective with a multi-dimensional approach. After a prolific decade in the cosmetology industry, Jean began her work with integrative healing practices in 2013. In an effort to bridge the gap between community based care and clinical medicine, Jean is currently working to advocate for changes to drug policy in Illinois through the Illinois Psychedelic Society while supporting the administrative work of several organizations that cultivate and serve entheogenic compounds clinically, sacramentally, and in community.

Jean began dabbling in horticulture and mycology in 2017 and took interest in holistic cultivation and genomics. She is passionate about teaching others how to grow their own food and medicine in a simple, accessible way for their lifestyle. Jean believes that the path of healing should be accessible to all and should feel sensical as opposed to mystical and can be achieved by addressing every layer of the human body through connection to nature and a mindful lifestyle. She envisions a world where humans are in touch with their interconnectedness to everything and become stewards of Mother Earth. It is her personal mission to help expand the collective consciousness by bridging the gap between spirituality and healthcare using the power of community and holistic self-healing to create a new paradigm in health and wellness.